The Spill

My name is Crystal Wells. I have been an entrepreneur for about 8 years and now Im discovering that there are better ways of making passive income. I would love to share EVERTHING I have learned while researching new business avenues and recent trends with you as well. My blog focuses on everthing to do with life. From New Business ideas to Health.  From New Beauty trends to Relationships.

  My blog is not just for women. MEN your are welcomed to. I also will go over topics like how to Survive in the Wild or Start a fire with just sticks, (without a lighter) No cheating guys .

My focus is on staying up to date on whats new while helping others do the same. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We wake up every morning doing the same thing eating the same breakfast we had for the whole week, dropping off the kids, going to work, picking up kids after band practice going home to cook dinner and go to bed. Just to get some rest. So we can repeat the cycle all over again. Wearing the same suit from 10 years ago even though you had to alter it once or twice to squeeze in it. Oh yeah forget about the blood sucking job that one day might in up turning into this wonderful career, that you been hoping and dreaming of for decades at a time. 

THIS IS OUR LAST YEAR IN A RUT. We are not OLD DOGS that cant learn new tricks. 

This is are last year living lifeless and defeated. 

We are the champions.

Lets fight together.

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